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This Nantucket retreat marries muted blues with crisp whites for a transitional take on coastal style.

Nina Liddle Design | New Enlgand | Full Service Interior Designer

Nina Liddle Design is a full-service design studio based on Nantucket, Massachusetts. We design residential homes and commercial spaces that marry curated, timeless style with refined functionality. Each space has a distinctly coastal feel, with textural elements, rich color palettes, and furnishings that are made for comfort.  Every home or home-away-from-home is a retreat that mirrors the serene landscape that surrounds it. 


My education in Nantucket architecture and lifestyle began during the summers of my childhood. I became a full-time resident more than 25 years ago and a local real estate agent soon after. 

That experience gives me a unique perspective for homeowners hoping to rent or sell. Over the years, I have developed my own recognizable style, while still celebrating and preserving the Nantucket tradition of blending modern luxury with timeless durability. Above all, my designs are a reflection of the people who live in them and the relaxed lifestyle that the island inspires.


Our team is available for projects of any size, including spatial planning, selection of materials and finishes, room-by-room styling, custom furnishings, and full-service projects of any scale. We look forward to helping you curate your ideal home.

Nina Liddle Design | New Enlgand | Full Service Interior Designer

"Nina Liddle Design exceeded our expectations in every way. Nina and her team were professional, resourceful and eager to please. We were starting from scratch on this project as we were hoping to modernize an antique home while keeping its original character. Nina was so adept at helping us visualize the possibilities and hone in on what felt right for us. Additionally, she worked proficiently within our budget and delivered a fantastic product right on-time! I wholeheartedly recommend Nine Liddle Design.”

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05122021_ninaliddledesign_lincoln 8.jpg


Nina Liddle Design | New Enlgand | Full Service Interior Designer


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